Smart Green System for Leakage Control and Water Quality Monitoring System of water district area of city Paramythia of Municipality of Souli

The aim of this specific project is the timely detection of leaks and, consequently, the optimal utilization of the available water resources in the area. The goal is to ensure both sufficiency and the quality of drinking water in the internal water supply network of the Paramythia area within the Municipality of Souli. The project is implemented through 6 sub-projects, in which water leakage is closely monitored with the ultimate goal of reducing it. Through targeted actions and interventions within the sub-projects, the existing infrastructure of the Municipality of Souli is upgraded to ensure not only the efficient functioning of the network but also the optimal quality of water. This benefits the health of residents and visitors and maximizes environmental protection.



The funding for the project comes from the “Water Management” Program of the Norway European Economic Area (EEA) Grants 2014-2021 and Greek Public Investments Program.

June 2022 – April 2024