Welfare monitoring system and management of small ruminants in the wider area of Bourinos (WELLNESS)

The project develops and sets up a pilot implementation of a modern Precision Livestock Monitoring and Management System based on Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and the usage of sensors and smart devices to monitor and assess the health and welfare of sheep and goats and systematically record critical parameters of the milk production process in selected farms. The aim is to define a model for livestock management, regarding nutrition, farm hygienic conditions, animal health conditions and productivity.


  • Breeder Tzika Theodora
  • Breeder Katanos Theodora
  • Dairy – Breeder Koumbouras Vassilios
    Mitliagas Ioannis

Submeter 16.1- 16.2 “Establishment and operation of Operational Groups of the European Innovation Partnership for the productivity and sustainability of agriculture”, Action 1, of the Rural Development Programme (PAA) 2014 – 2020